Originally founded in 1998 as the Mid-City Legacy family of companies Mid-City Urban, Mid-City Advisors, and Mid-City Community CDE Urban Atlantic initially capitalized on the broad experience of our principals to apply the disciplines of market-based real estate finance and development in the areas of affordable housing and urban revitalization.

We developed expertise in the complexities of public-private partnerships, marrying multiple funding sources and detailed reporting for maximum advantage. Today we apply these skills to mixed-use, market-driven development and investment across a wide spectrum of real estate types, as well as community-based business development and energy efficiency finance.

As our portfolio of successful projects continues to grow, Urban Atlantic continues to refine our strategy of targeting undervalued and underserved urban communities. We structure the right development and finance strategies to create assets that are both financially strong and important centers of urban life. We continue to seek out and capitalize on new opportunities and approaches for urban and inner ring suburban communities.

Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg - Washington, DC
Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg  / 
Washington, DC
360 State Street - New Haven, CT
360 State Street  /  New Haven, CT