New Markets Tax Credits

Through our Mid-City Community CDE, Urban Atlantic invests funds through the U.S. Treasuryís New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) program. We use NMTC to finance commercial, retail and mixed-use real estate development, as well as community-based businesses, in emerging urban markets across the country. These investments work alongside investments in housing and infrastructure in order to revitalize communities and bring new jobs, goods and services where they are critically needed.

Urban Atlanticís NMTC focus is national in scope, and we prioritize investments in local businesses with high job creation impact, transit-oriented development, community-based health care facilities, and fresh food grocers and businesses. We offer a combination of below-market debt and patient equity investments to projects that demonstrate significant impact and the ability to catalyze further revitalization.

Since winning our first allocation in 2003, we have invested credits to finance over $800 million in community real estate and business development.

For more information, please email Kelli Brooks.

Newark Farmer's Market - Newark, NJ
Newark Farmer's Market  /  Newark, NJ
Progression Place - Washington, DC
Progression Place  /  Washington, DC